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Public Administration


Are you seeking a career or promotion opportunity in the public sector? Braxton’s fully online Bachelor in Public Administration can prepare you for a fulfilling career in government and/or private organizations.

Our curriculum will help you gain the skills you need to enter or advance in the public sector, with courses that introduce you to public sector policies and practices that are taught by our experienced and dedicate faculty in both governmental and private fields with over 20 years of real life experience.

Braxton’s Online Bachelor in Public Administration is designed to produce effective managers who have a keen understanding of analytical research, budget management, policy development, and community involvement. Whether you’re interested in entering the public administration field or want to enhance your experience, this degree program will nurture your commitment to public service in an increasingly diverse society.

With Braxton’s online eLearning platform, you can learn anywhere, anytime. Our interactive technology enables you to watch lectures, get real-time feedback from your instructors and collaborate with classmates on projects.

Learning Outcomes
  • Students will identify and explain civic leaderships, public programs, and planning that influences the community.
  • Students will analyze the nature and formation of business and governmental law as they apply to public and not-profit administration leadership, and policy.
  • Students will classify risk management situations, collect and analyze data, collaborate on alternative methods of resolution, and assess results.
  • Students will explain the foundations of ethics within the public and non-profit sectors.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of public finance and capital improvement.

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