Firefighter I & II

Firefighter I & II


The diploma program in Firefighter is offered in two phases and requires students to progress between the two phases seamlessly.  Candidates must pass the first phase before moving into the second phase. This program is designed to provide student with the basic knowledge and skills required for a fire service professional. A focus is placed on the safety and health of the firefighter as well as techniques and practices utilized by firefighters in various fire settings.


Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the application of the didactic knowledge in fire management and prevention.
  • Exhibit the incorporation of relationship building skills with acquired basic technical skills required to perform cohesively as a member of the fire team.
  • Perform as ethical professionals in the field of study, exhibiting sound reasoning and effective communication in an increasingly diverse world.
  • Perform appropriate assessments and implement tactics designed to reduce injury or exacerbation of fire caused trauma.
  • React and respond competently during live fire training.

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